Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Crap! How am I going to explan this?

This is one of my longer captions that I have wrote.  I intended on it just being one of my standard captions, but the further I went, the more I wrote.  Actually I think I could have written more but came to a good stopping point.  I hope you read it and enjoy.

Every third weekend, Andrew and his buddy Scott would go hunting, fishing, or whatever – it was their time.  The hunting cabin has been in Andrew’s family for generations and he hopes to pass it down to his children; if he ever has any.  He had kept his cross-dressing a secret, although his wife came close to catching him in the act one time.  Two years or so ago, Scott and he were at the cabin, they had fished all day and were preparing to fry some of the fish they had caught.  Scott lost the game of rock, paper, scissors and had to do the cooking that night.
Andrew had brought his laptop “to do some work” but actually he could not stay away from his cross-dressing blog sites for more than a day; plus, he had several photos he wanted to post.  Thinking that Scott was still outside, he went to the kitchen to grab a beer.  What he heard next, made his heart drop – “What the hell is this?!” Andrew ran back into the den and saw Scott sitting in front of his laptop, scrolling through the hundreds of photos of Andrew dressed as ‘Amanda’.
 “So this is why you like to keep your legs and chest shaved. I knew it wasn’t for swimming or cycling.  Some of these photos you could actually pass as a woman; I’d hit on you in a bar if you were wearing that” pointing to a picture of Amanda wearing a black leather mini and black cami, with bare shaven legs, red painted toenails, black stiletto heels, brown wig, and perfect makeup. “Are your ears pierced?”
“No those are just clip-ons.”
“And your nails?”
“Does Melissa know (Andrew’s wife)?”
“No.  She has come close to catching me a couple of times.  I have thought about telling her, but then she will make some homophobic remark and I think it will be best not to.”
“Well your secret is safe with me; as long as you finish frying the fish” he said with a grin.
Andrew rolled his eyes and went outside to the fryer.  Scott continued to look at Amanda’s portfolio.  Over dinner, Scott kept on and on how good Amanda looked, and wished that he could meet her sometime.
“Maybe, I’ll think about it” said Andrew.
The two finished their meals, and Scott said that in order for the secret to be kept, Andrew had to do the dishes too.  Scott went back to the laptop.  Eventually both went their bedrooms for the night; Andrew thought he could hear Scott rubbing one out that night.
The next morning, Scott woke up to the smell of bacon cooking and a fresh pot of coffee.  He stumbled out of bed, only wearing boxers and a t-shirt into the kitchen; there he saw Andrew dressed as Amanda.  She was wearing red flannel pajamas with grey wool socks.  Her brown wig was pulled back into a ponytail, showing her silver hoop earrings.  She also had on some light foundation, with eye shadow, mascara, and lip-gloss.  Scott looked up and down; she was at least a B-cup he thought.
Amanda could see Scott’s dick getting hard, “There will be time for that later” she said.  “Breakfast is in the table.” Walking the plate full of bacon and a pot of coffee to the table, where biscuits, eggs, and fresh fruit were waiting.  “I have wanted Amanda to make her appearance for so long.  If it is OK with you, I’d like her to stay.”
Scott nervously agreed. After breakfast, he was ready to go hunting and asked if Amanda was coming.
“I don’t think I have any hunting gear with me, at least nothing that Amanda would be caught in.  You go on, that is man’s work.  I have lots of woman work to do here.  This cabin has not been cleaned in ages.
Scott came back empty handed and was depressed.  Amanda was now wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, with white cami, a long sleeved flannel button down shirt, and brown cowgirl boots - got Scott a beer as he slumped onto the recliner and told the story how a 10-point buck was just a few yards away but something spooked it and it got away.
“That’s too bad, I know what will take your mind off of the buck?” she said as she began to unzip his pants.  She looked directly into his eyes and he nodded with approval.  She was just as nervous as he.  She took her tongue and licked the shaft of his penis, before placing the head on her lips.  She licked the pre-cum off her lips, then inserted the whole cock down to the base.  It took her about 10 minutes to make him ejaculate, which she caught all in her mouth and swallowed.  Scott gave a small kiss on the mouth and said “Thank you.”
Scott took a shower. Amanda was in the kitchen making dinner when she heard Scott call for her.  “Since Amanda seems to love cock, do you think she could do something with this?” standing naked in the hallway, pointing to his erect penis.
“Again? Wow!” she grabbed him by the hand and lead him to her bedroom.  When they walked in, all of Amada’s clothes were everywhere – there was not one sign of Andrew’s belongings.  She walked backwards over to the bed, unzipping her Dukes.  Scott could see that she was wearing a pair of white cotton panties.  He began to kiss her, as he undid the buttons of her shirt and took off her cami.  She was wearing a matching white cotton bra, with breast forms.  Amanda took her hand and began to stroke Scott’s now enormous cock, “I want you inside of me” she whispered into his ear.  Scott removed her panties, only to see that Amanda’s manhood was locked in a chastity devise.  “The key is over there” pointing to the nightstand.
Scott flip Amanda onto her stomach, and she bent her knees so her ass was up.  Scott was about to place his cock into Amanda’s virgin ass and he asked about a condom.
“I trust you, plus I want your seed inside of me.”  After fucking for an hour, Scott planted his seeds inside of Amanda.  He gave her a kiss on the forehead, got out of bed, took the key, and went back to his room.  As he was walking out he said “I need a cold beer and when is dinner going to be ready?  Fucking makes me hungry.”  Amanda never felt so ashamed and excited at the same time.
And that was their routine for the couple of years.  Andrew would get to the cabin early, transform into Amanda, leaving the key to the chastity device on the table by the front door, so Scott could grab it when he walked in.  Amanda would do all the woman work around the cabin, while Scott watched TV, hunted, fished, or anything that he wanted.  She would also do anything that Scott wanted to in the bedroom.  He wanted to perfect his technique before trying on his girlfriend.  When Scott would leave for the weekend, he usually left the key back on the table.  Although he “forgot” a couple of times and Andrew had to were the devise for a few days until he could get the key back.
This weekend was no different from the others, Amanda was there early and waiting for her man to show.  She looked down the driveway expecting to see Scott’s pickup but instead she saw Melissa’s Cherokee.
“Crap! How am I going to explain this….”