Monday, August 15, 2016

Role swap

This story is longer than I intended.  It was going to be one of my usual caps, then the story got away from me.  I hope you like it.


The Robinson’s like to role play every now and then when they are in the bedroom.  A lot of times it is a plumber/lonely housewife, pizza delivery guy that gets lucky, or Rhett and Scarlet to name a few.  One night as a joke, Jake put one Mary’s cheerleading costume Friday night; she loved it.  “Hold on one sec.” she said.

She came back with her makeup bag and gave him a makeover.  “Here these tights are to stretched out for me, but my may still fit you.  Let me see if I still have the wig from Halloween.”

“I cannot believe that this fits me. Did you know we had the exact same shoe size?”

“No.” said a laughing Mary.  “I knew you had freakishly small feet but not that small.”

Jake went looking in his closet and came back with a pair of khaki slacks, button down dress shirt with a tie, a pair of loafers, and his college letterman jacket.  “Here see if these will fit you”, hand the clothes to Mary.

She put on all the clothes, the slacks were a bit loose, but a belt fixed that.  They stood and looked at themselves in the mirror and laughed.  “You need to do something about your hair, it can’t be longer than mine.”  Mary took her hair, wrapped it up and put it under a ball cap.

“There now, I am the dude and you are the chick.”  Jake stood there and looked at himself and Mary walked away for a minute.  When she came back, Jake had stuffed his bra with some socks.  “Nice boobies.  Now like I said, you are the chick, now get down on your knees!”

Jake looked as Mary unzipped her fly, and her 10 pink dildo was hanging out.  Jake got on his knees, held the cock in his right hand, and looked up at his wife.  “Before this gets too far, let’s have a safe word.  ‘Hippopotamus.’”


Jake sucked that dildo just like a real cock, even remembering to cup the pink rubber balls.  After five minutes of sucking; “I want you inside of me” Jake asked is wife.  He laid on his back, as Mary inserted her cock into Jake’s boi pussy.  They stared into each other’s eyes, as she slid it back and forth.  Jake was feeling pleasure he had never before. 

Just as he was really getting into it, Mary pulled out.  “Oops, I just came” laughed Mary.  See now you know how I feel.  Jake just gave her the evil eye and went to the bathroom.  The shower started.  Mary thought she had really made him mad. About a half hour later, Jake came out of the bathroom still wearing the wig; he had reapplied his makeup and was wearing a silk night gown of Mary’s.  “Are we still going to do this?”

“Did I say the safe word?! You can wear boxers and t-shirt like I do.” Jake then walked over to Mary’s side of the bed, sat on top of the cover’s and started to read her book.

Mary put on the boxers and shirt, walked over to Jake and gave him a kiss on the forehead.  “I’m going to go watch SportsCenter;” then farted as she walked out of the room.

The next morning Jake was up early.  He wore a pair of Mary’s yoga black pants, sports bra, and a t-shirt from her Sorority; along with purple socks and pink tennis shoes.  He had two loads of laundry done, the kitchen cleaned up, and dusted the living room.

When Mary woke up, she came into the kitchen, still in her boxers and t-shirt, scratching her ass.  “Morning honey.”

“Don’t you honey me.  When you finish a beer, the bottle gets rinsed out, and put in the recycling bin.  And why did you need to drink 8 beers last night!?  I have been up all morning cleaning, while your drunk ass was sleeping.”

“Is that my Zeta t-shirt?”

“It’s mine for now and don’t change the subject.  That lawn is not going to mow itself.  The bushes need trimming, gutters cleaned out, and that garage is a pigsty.”

“Hipp---. Just kidding I kinda like this.”

Jake gave Mary the ‘evil eye’ that only a wife can give to a husband.  So they swapped roles that weekend.  Come Monday morning, Jake was wearing a baby doll nightie and Mary in her boxers and shirt.  Neither was ready to say the H word.  “I’ll call Steve and tell him that I will be working from home, for the next few days.”  When he got off the phone, Jake looked upset; there was something that needed his attention at the office.

“I’ll go in your place, since it is technically my job any way; being the man of the house.”  Mary put on one of Jake’s 3-piece suits and tie.  “I’ll just walk in pretend to be you and see how long it takes from them to figure it out.  Probably only 4 seconds though.  Ha-ha” joked Mary.  But I need you to do something for me.  I have my appointment with Pablo this morning at 10, if I miss it, I cannot go back for six months and have to pay a $100 cancel fee.  Just go and shoot the shit with him, or get a mani/pedi; I have an account there.”

Over the next several months, Jake lived as Mary and Mary as Jake.  At first Steve wondered why Mary was working as Jake but when she increased his sales by 350% in little over a month, he did not care anymore.  Jake liked being the good housewife, the house had never looked better, and when a repair man tried to sell them the extended warranty; he told them where to go. Jake kept Pablo’s appointments, getting a more feminine hair style and electrolysis. Eventually Steve became aware of Jake and Mary’s situation, even suggesting that Jake should be put into a chastity device.  On the night that Jake’s manhood was taken away from him, Steve was there to witness the locking.  He was given one key and Mary had the other; they both walked over to the toilet and flushed the keys.

“You have only sucked a dildo cock, how about sucking the real thing?” Mary nudged Steve and he took out his enormously large dick.

“Steve care for a drink, while I blow you?”  Jake got on knees, wearing his housewife dress with apron, tights, heels, and a wonderful perfume.  She took Steve’s load like a pro, not losing one drop.