Monday, July 1, 2019

I could make this work

As the sun began to set, Taylor knew her nightmare was turning into reality.  A week ago, she was known as Tyler a 30-something-want-to-be-artist – and she was a male.  When the middle-aged socialite came into his studio and asked him to sketch some nudes for her husband, he was thinking it would be a quick $250, plus he got to see a reasonably attractive woman naked.  When it came time to pay, she did not have any cash and Tyler did not take credit cards.  What to do?  The sketches were very well done, and Taylor did not want to lose them.  Instead of offering to go an ATM to get cash, Taylor had another idea.
Taylor explained to Tyler, that she really was a wealthy woman but did not carry around a lot of cash.  Instead of giving him the $250, she suggested they swap bodies and he could spend as much as he wanted in her body in one week.  Several questions popped into Tyler’s mine – Is this woman crazy? Is body swapping really a thing? Just how rich was she?
She assured him that she was not crazy, her family came from a long line of witches and they could make many different types of spells; including body swapping, which she has claimed to do many times.  And just to prove how rich she was, she pulled out her iPhone and showed him her bank account - $12,498,983.56; this would be the account he would be accessing.  But there was a caveat, every purchase had to be approved by her husband but almost always approved everything.  Second, he would be married to her husband and be expected to do all “wifey” things; however, Taylor said her husband has at least two mistresses that she knew of; so touchy feely was probably off the table but still be prepared because he can get very horny in the middle of the night. And third, the swap was good until sundown of the sixth day, otherwise the swap will become permanent and even the greatest witch in the world would not be able to swap them back.
When asked why she was doing this, Taylor said that she just need a break of the socialite scene; even if it was only for a week.  After agreeing, they were talking about when and where to swap back.  Meeting back at the studio seemed like the obvious choice but Taylor had a lot of spa appointments that day (which the new Taylor would have to go to), then there was her sister’s 30th wedding anniversary party she had to attend.  As fate would have it, Tyler was also a part-time waiter and was hired to work the very same party.  So, they agreed to meet an hour into the event and swap back.
The week started out just fine, the new Taylor made a few mistakes with names and where certain rooms in the 18-bedroom apartment were, but she shrugged it off as just being blonde.  Taylor wasted no time in buying new things – new art equipment, clothes (male), a new motorcycle, and season tickets to every professional sports team in the city.  The husband, who had three mistresses, thought that Taylor had a boytoy of her own and approved all the purchases.  Luckily all he wanted in the way of intimacy, was a hand job the second night.
As the sixth day began, Taylor went to every appointment she had that morning – hair, pedi/mani, and waxing; including a Brazilian.  She made herself look presentable and waited for Tyler to show up.  Two hours in, there was still no Tyler.  She asked one of the other servers about him and she got an ear full. The word on the street was, that Tyler got caught with an ounce of weed and this was his third strike.  Evidently when they placed him into custody, he was going on and on how he is not the real Tyler, that he swapped bodies with Tyler and that he was actually very rich woman and a witch; that got him a mandatory 36-hour psych hold.  Maybe being a rich woman would not be so bad after all.

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