Thursday, April 13, 2017

Debt repaid... and then some


  1. "...
    As Brad sat in Aunt Fran's salon chair he could not deny being overcome with curiosity at the prospect of seeing how 'Brooke' would look to the world. And wearing the matching, satin lingerie only served to heighten Brook's eagerness to attend what could be considered as much her 'coming-out-party' as it was a sorority fling.

    Brooke was beyond delighted with how 'she' looked after Aunt Fran had finished getting 'her' face & hair perfect! And the gown their mother brought in was nothing but to-die-for! By the time 'she' was fully dressed & ready, Brooke could barely contain 'her' giddiness at going to the dance with 'her' loving sister!

    Not a little surprised at how naturally 'she' sauntered into the venue on her spiky heels - with confident, mincing steps that made the satin of the close-fitting gown brush against 'her' smooth legs in an undeniably tantalizing way - Brooke found 'herself' getting quite eager to be Jason's escort and fulfill 'her' end of the bargain!

    Of course, Brooke was also hoping 'her' date would be willing to reciprocate on whatever level their night attained to since, by this point, 'her' dress was not the only thing on Brooke that was a lovely shade of blue!

    You look so lovely, dear! I cannot help being just a little jealous.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Love your ending.


Debt repaid... and then some