Monday, May 7, 2018

It's Rickie, not Ricky

This started as a run of the mill standard caption but sort of turned into a mini-short story.  Hope you enjoy!

Abigail unknowingly started feminizing her husband, Ricky, six months ago; and it all started with a simple question: “Honey, do I have any clean underwear?” yelled Ricky down to his wife in the laundry room, when he got out of the shower.

“Sorry dear, I am washing them now. Just wear a pair of mine today, there’s a new pack in my drawer” she yelled back up to him.

“I’m not wearing women’s underwear, I’d rather go commando!”

“First, they are called panties, and second you are not going commando” she said carrying a basket full of freshly washed towels that needed folding and dumping them on the bed.  “See these are boyshorts” handing him the package from her lingerie drawer.  “They’re kind of like boxer/briefs.”

“But they’re pink!”

“But you need some underwear… err panties to wear today.  Don’t be such a sissy” (future pun unintended) “It’s only for one day - not even a day; I’ll put the load into the dryer before we go to Home Depot, when we get back they will be done.” Seeing that her husband was hesitant; “Look, no one will know but us.”  Ricky took a big sigh and opened the fresh package of panties.  He found a pair of solid grey boyshorts behind the pink pair and put those one; having to tuck his junk a bit to make everything fit.  “Look how big your dick looks in those” Abby grinned pointing to the bulge – that would be the last time Abigail said Ricky’s package was big.

Ricky still could not believe that he was going to wear panties under his shorts; even if it was only for a few hours.  The trip started out uneventful; they got what they went for: a new AC/Heater thermostat, paint for the home office, and 24-package of AA batteries.  When they were at the checkout, they ran into the Johnson’s – Jim and Donna.  Abby and Donna have been friends for years and Ricky and Jim played golf on a regular basis; Abby suggested that they go to lunch together – Ricky knew that meant longer for him wearing panties – so did Abigail.

At lunch Abigail had to have drinks beforehand, then ordered an appetizer, followed by the entire, and then a dessert; she knew what she was doing.  Finally, after three and half hours, they paid their bills and went on their separate ways.  When Abby and Ricky got home, she went to the laundry room and pulled out the laundry for folding and Rick went to the garage to get is tool bag; he was going to install the new thermostat. “I’m done with the laundry.” she bellowed down to her husband, trying to give him the hint that he could change into a more masculine undergarment.

“Thanks dear, I’ll be done in a few minutes.”  Something inside of Abby told her to just put the other five pairs of boyshorts in Ricky’s underwear/sock drawer; which she did.  After installing the new thermostat, Ricky insisted on mowing the grass.  After mowing, Ricky came in to shower, while Abby made a light dinner; after all they had such a late lunch.  They sat in front of the TV, binge watching the latest Netflix show.  When it became bedtime, Ricky made sure that all doors were locked and all the lights were turned off.  When he got upstairs, Abby was already in bed reading a book; he brushed his teeth, then made his way to his side of the bed.  He slid off his sleep shorts – and Abby’s suspicions were right.

“I see you are wearing the pink pair of panties.”

Trying to play it off: “Whatever, I just grabbed what was on top.  Goodnight.” He gave her a kiss, then turned over to go to sleep.”

The next morning, Ricky was up first and no matter what, he had to have a shower to start his day – it was his coffee.  When Abby woke and changed into her clothes for the day, she put her dirty night clothes in the hamper; she also saw the worn grey and pink pairs of panties.  Curiosity got to her, so she went to Ricky’s underwear/sock drawer; all his boxer briefs were still there but a third pair of boyshorts were missing – the white one.

She came down stairs wearing black yoga leggings and a pink Fight Like a Girl t-shirt.  “I’m going to the gym with Donna, be back after a while.”  She grabbed her keys and purse and left.  Abby was gone a bit longer than normal but nothing unusual.  When she got back, she was carrying three white shopping bags with a red bull’s eye, “Made a Target run, going to get my shower” she said going up the stairs.  Once in their room, she dumped all the sundries onto the bed.  Abigail went to her husband’s underwear drawer and took out all off his boxers, boxer briefs, tighty whities, and even the novelty elephant truck.  She replaced them with more boyshorts, bikini style briefs, high waist briefs, and two shapers.  She took his Old Spice 3 in 1 shower gel out of the shower and exchanged with a lavender/coconut body wash and a peach colored luffa. Abby also got bottles of Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner, writing the name ‘Rickie’ on them.

A few days went by and the only comments Rickie made about his new shower products were that he liked them.  So, Abby decided to up her game some; the next Saturday, Abby placed an electric shaver, a can of women’s shave foam and razor, and a bottle of lotion on the bathroom vanity with the note:
Hi Sweetie,
The electric razor is for your balls, get them nice and trimmed.  Then use an ample amount of foam on your legs, arms, chest, and balls.  Apply the Neiva after, so your legs will be smooth.  Shave your legs every day. 
Another week went by and there was no complaining from Rickie, his legs were as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  He mentioned that he loved the way the air felt against his legs.  Abby knew she had to up her game.  Since Ricky could work from home, he did not have a dress code. Abby put a pair of suntan tights, a grey pleated skirt, and a white blouse she got from her Target run on the bed; along with an old bra that she had worn when she was 15 pounds heavier – it should fit Rickie.  On her outing that day, she also stopped by a large shoe store and got Rickie a pair of size 11, four-inch Mary Jane heels… Target only went up to size 10.

Rickie got out of the shower and toweled off.  After applying her lotion and women’s antiperspirant, she walked into the bedroom and saw her wardrobe for the day.  She went to her panty drawer and took out a pair of white cotton high hip briefs, then went to her closet.  Unbeknownst to Abby, Rickie had made some purchases of her own; she opened to box from Amazon and took out a brown wig, C-cup breast forms, a few bras of her own, and a chastity cage.  Ricky took one last look at himself in the mirror before looking himself into chastity; he placed the key on Abby’s nightstand.  Rickie then pulled up her panties over her cage and put on the rest of the clothes.  She was unsteady at first in her heels but quickly got the hang of it.  When she made her way downstairs to the kitchen where Abby was waiting, she asked “Do you think we can go get my ears pierced?” Rickie asked.

“Absolutely! But only under the condition that we can buy you some makeup” chimed Abby.

“OK that sounds like fun. But I have a condition also; if I ever wear men’s clothes again, please slap me.”

“That means we get to go shopping for a new wardrobe too.”

“I already got the emergency credit card out of the safe, so $10,000 is our limit.”

“Let’s just start with some basics and go from there.

It has been just a little over six months since Abby forgot to do the laundry that day.  Their family and friends have slowly accepted Ricky for being Rickie. Jim and Rickie still play golf on a regular basis; he even lets Rickie hit from the lady’s tees. But this weekend was for Rickie and Abby, they were going on a long weekend to wine country.  If Rickie played his cards right, Abby might let her out of her cage for a night…. maybe.

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