Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What Gender are you?

Don't know how accurate this is but I got a 170; just 10 points shy of being Ultra Feminine.  According to the survey, I am perfectly balanced - I can be either girly or boyish when I want.

Monday, December 18, 2017

One way to get grandkids

There is a lot of dialogue in this caption. If the font is too small, a full text is below the caption.

“Mom, Dad, What are you doing home so early? I thought you would be at the conference all week?”
“They gave that dipshit Waldenmayer top billing over your father…” Jason’s mother started to explain,
 unscathed that her son now looked like a girl.
“Now Mary, ‘dipshit’ is an unfair term, it gives dipshits a bad name. I prefer two-time 
timing-backstabbing-fucktard.  But the bigger question young man, what were you doing snooping 
around my lab?!”
“Dad, I really didn’t mean too, honestly.  Brad and Chris came over to play video games; we needed 
some batteries for the controllers.  Well I looked in the everything drawer, the pantry, on top of the 
fridge, and the garage; so I went into your lab, I know I wasn’t supposed too but Brad brought 
Battlefront and we really wanted to play that’s when we saw the bodysuit hanging up.  Jokingly Chris 
said ‘dude you should put it on.’ I told them that we weren’t supposed to be in her but they kept pushing
until I gave in. So I walked over and took it off the hanger; in my mind, I knew I really should not have 
but curiosity took over.  I saw the armoire full of women’s clothes, so I told them the only way I would 
do it, was forthem to leave the room while I changed.  So I stripped naked and put the suit on; it was a 
bit baggy at first, then I heard three small beeps and the suit shrank to a skin tight fit”
“Did you feel different in any way?”
“I swear I shrunk four or five inches and lost at least 60 pounds after putting on the suit. And I felt 
different too, it was hard to describe it until I saw Brad and Chris.”
“What do you mean, until you saw them dear?”
“Well I was standing in the lab butt naked, a bit woozy and went over to the armoire.  To be funny, I put
on a sheer black corset with stockings and the heels fit perfectly.  I was shocked by how well I walked 
in those things.  When I got close to the door, I could hear them snickering;  I swung open the door, 
stood there with my feet apart hands on hips and saw that both of them were naked with erect penises…”  
there was an awkward silence. “And I really cannot believe I about to tell you what happened next. 
With their jaws dropped, I said ‘so do you plan on using those things on me, or do I need to go 
somewhere else.’ I then went over to them and took a cock in each hand, and lead them to my 
bedroom…yadda yadda yadda, I’m really sore down there.”
“It’s OK honey, it will hurt the first few times.  I remember the first time your father and I made love.
You remember Al? It was in the backseat of your father’s Buick. I mean we had gotten to third base
many times…..”
Interrupting his wife “Yes Agatha, I remember. But we need to focus on Jason. Now son, tell me exactly
what you thought and felt.”
“Well when I saw them both naked, my first thought was to call Steve do I could have a dick in every
 hole… excuse my language a penis in every hole. But was was so horny that I just let Brad and Chris 
fuck… err make love to me. I let them do things to me that I only dreamt of doing to girls.”
“But did you feel anything?”
“Now that you mention it, I did feel a small shock when Brad first was inside of me.”
“Oh dear, we might have a problem. Have you tried taking to suit off since?
“Several times actually; we could not find a zipper, latch, or any type of release mechanism.”
“And by we , you mean….”
“Brad, Chris, and Steve. Of course I would be naked while they looked and having three guys fondling
 me made me horny, so I would have sex with them. I really don't think they looked that hard."
“Just out of curiosity, how many times have you had sex wearing the body suit?”
“I would say around 14 or 15 times.”
“JASON! We were only gone three days. You need to learn to keep your legs together, sweetheart. 
Al can you fix this?”
“Turn around Jason.” He did what he was told. His dad lifted Jason’s hair, at the top of the neck was 
a small door which required a tiny screwdriver. Once opened, Al let out a big sigh.  “Just as I thought, 
that small shock you felt short circuited a microchip in the motherboard.”
“But if it was short circuited, shouldn’t have released the suit?”
“Well we were still in the lab test phase, at least four of five years away from human testing. Well the 
good news is there is no chance of you getting pregnant, but you are stuck like this for the time being.  
After telling Waldenmayer to ‘go fuck himself’, I do not know when he will speak to me again.”
“So I’m a girl for the time being?”
“I am afraid so.”
“Oh thank God. Mom. Dad. I have always wanted to be a girl. I have been secretly cross-dressing since
 I was eight.”
“Well why don’t you let your mother take you shopping and get you some new clothes that will show off
your assets.  We have some mother/daughter time. Is that alright Justine?”
“Justine??  I like the sound of that. Oh thank you mother, I’d love that so much.  Just let me go touch up 
my makeup.”
As Justine is upstairs getting ready, Agatha turns to Al
“Do you think she has any idea?”
“Even if she did, I don’t think that she would care. Oh, I did tell one small lie… there is a chance she 
could become pregnant, it was a feature that Waldenmayer was working on.  I’m going to give him a 
call and fill him in.”
Justine comes back down
“OK I’m ready.” (photo to the left)
“The first thing we are going to get you is a proper bra.”
“Oh Dad, just ignore the muffled screams from my room. I left the boys tied to my bed.”

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